Güven Law Office, established by Att. Güven İŞLER in 2005, laid the foundation of its current understanding of law office by bringing lawyers specialized in various legal and counseling areas and it founded an entity satisfying various requirements of modern life by reaching a more comprehensive part of the society by this way.

Güven Hukuk Bürosu

Güven Law Office

It became one of the esteemed and corporate law offices of Bursa and Turkey with stable development since its foundation.

Güven Law Office, serving in both litigation and counseling from a broad perspective in national and international scale, branches into departments with rapid, effective and solution oriented service mentality by expert staff composed of 12 lawyers and 15 assistant staffs with high motivation experienced and specialized in various fields of law, gives service as a law office by organizing in all fields of law, commercial issues in particular, to commercial businesses and individuals, as an analytic, careful, perfectionist and dynamic law office in Turkey, Bursa and İstanbul centered, and many countries

Froweing & Partner Rechtsanwaltssozietät

Frowein & Partner RechtsanwaltssozietätLaw Office

One of the purposes of Güven Law Office is to offer the most suitable legal solutionswith quality to Turkish citizens, foreign real persons and companies in any fields of international law together with strong solution partners abroad as well as at home. Güven Law Office, with this purpose, decided to make a solution association with Frowein& Partner Rechtsanwaltssozietät Law Office in Germany, in 2012 with intend to satisfy international needs.

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